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Treatment for humans

Sometimes the problem may stem from the rider or be aggravated by them.  If this is the case, I may suggest that you have treatment too to help you ride in a more balanced way.  I work in Northampton (see links) but in case you are further away it is possible to organise treatment at the yard as well.

If you are close enough I will recommend you book using the details below. The techniques and diagnosistic tools are very similar. A case history will be taken, observation of your posture movement will be undergone (you may be asked to remove enough clothing to allow proper assessment of the area affected). The diagnosis and treatment protocol will be explained before it is started.

I treat at the clinic on Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays. Although I am particularly busy and treat a variety of ages and conditions. I have a particular interest for newborns and babies which come recommended by word of mouth and midwife/health visitors.

If treatment is urgent I may recommend you to my assistants Pierre Antoye and Calire Cousins

To book an appointment please contact:

Maple Tree Clinic
1 Overslade Close
East Hunsbury

Tel: 01604 765880


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